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Wilder Bonilla and happy people standing in a river

Our Passion

Our passion for Belize's natural beauty and cultural richness inspired us to create Wilder Belize Adventures. We're committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you, so you can experience all the amazing things Belize has to offer. We believe in providing great customer service, wanderlust, authenticity, and tangible one-of-a-kind experiences.

In the picture, a group of people are standing on the riverbank with a lush green forest in the background. The river is flowing in front of them and there are trees and bushes on both sides of the riverbank.
A man rappelling down a mountain with lush jungle in the background
A group of people on bright green river tubes floating in a river

Who We Are

Wilder Belize: Unforgettable Eco-Tourism Adventures

Wilder Belize Adventures is your go-to tour company for unforgettable eco-tourism, adrenaline, and adventure experiences in Belize! We're a small-scale, Belizean-owned company founded by Wilder Bonilla, who spent six years as a tour guide before creating WILDER BELIZE ADVENTURES.

Wilder Belize


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Tel: +501 650-1003

Placencia Village, Belize

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Wilder Bonilla floating down the river on a river tube
In the image, Wilder Bonilla is standing outdoors with a woman on a horse in the background. He is smiling and looking directly at the camera.

More About Wilder Bonilla

Moving To Belize

Having grown up in Guatemala he learned to co-exist with the land. Jungle hikes to his father’s farm were an enjoyable part of his daily life and childhood. He moved to Belize at the age of 13 and joined the Belize Cadet Corps to which he quickly ranked up to lieutenant due to his strong work ethic, discipline, and adaptability.

Wilder Belize Adventures

After completing his studies he moved to Placencia he became a lifeguard and safety specialist for two years which instilled in him the values of being self-sufficient and safe at all times. He then fell in love with tour guiding and has been on this career path for more than 5 years. His overwhelming passion for all things Belize drove him to create Wilder Belize Adventures a place where he can share his passion for archeology, ornithology, and geology with the adventurous at heart.

Settling In Placencia

Wilder Bonilla in a cave looking at the camera
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